Notes and photos from a Great Lakes region railfan
Where to Begin?

It’s been a while. I hope your summer is/went well. I see my last update appears to have been in June.

Lots of stuff has happened since June. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a lot of picture taking on my end, other than a day here and there. Fortunately, I did manage to keep uploading even though I neglected to share those uploads here. Until now. So here are a couple of the shots I took since the Great Spring 2016 Meet Extravaganza.

I spent some time this summer shooting the Canadian National near Port Huron. More than once (ok, so it was probably just twice) I took advantage of the opportunity to shoot as far away as west of Emmett.

On June 5, I got a couple different shots of a eastbound waiting to go to Canada. If I recall correctly, they were waiting for a westbound who showed up just as the rain hit, but before the torrential part of the storm hit. Once the tunnel was clear, this train got the light to head east, and would have the heavy rain to look forward to as they did their work in Sarnia.

A few days later, I ran across M385 just a couple miles into their trip to Flat Rock.

CN 2321 leads a unit autorack train (E231-12) west across the Flint Subdivision.

M396 had more locomotives than I normally see on road trains on this cloudy Sunday afternoon.

A late afternoon L504 (possibly something else re-crewed by the 504 crew) moves toward the tunnel as another summer Sunday draws to a close. Although this particular Sunday evening was accompanied by the sound of mortars and exploding shells coming from all directions as revelers celebrated the 4th of July weekend and all of its explosive tradition.

In summary, I saw a lot of CN over the summer, but not all at once. On average, I managed to catch a train or two once a week through June and early July, the results of which you can see above. Unlike most summers I remember, I just haven’t had the time or energy to actively watch or photograph trains. I’ve been working some on my photoshop skills, but hobby time has been regrettably limited this summer. I hope to post more soon, but in the meantime, there’s plenty of warm weather left to enjoy this summer season. It’ll be cold and snowy again too soon.

A Couple Shots from the 2016 Spring Meet Extravaganza Part 2

Part 2 of my photos from the 2016 Spring Meet. Photos taken weekend of May 21-22, 2016.

NS 9500 leads a unit tank train west at Wauseon, Ohio.

Eastbound intermodal led by CSX 3002 will be pounding the diamonds at Deshler shortly on a sunny Sunday morning.

CSX 7655 passes the CPLs at Deshler. I have no idea who the guy with the video camera is, but I wound up in the same general location as he did several times on Sunday. As a different train approached on the other side of the diamond, I was impressed with his explanation of what we were doing and why to a Deshler resident wondering why we do what we do after observing several people with cameras suddenly speed walking down her street on a Sunday morning.

NS 2607 leads an eastbound intermodal train east across the Chicago Line, shortly after sunrise. I nabbed this shot before arriving at Wauseon, and it turned out to be one of my favorite shots from the entire weekend.

Too many shots from the weekend didn’t turn out the way I thought they would, so these consist of the bulk of the shots from the weekend, or at least the bulk of the shots processed so far. Between work and life, time to process more shots has been less then plentiful, so it may be quite some time yet before any more shots get processed. Next time I should be back to non-meet shots of things I’ve seen or things I’ve seen since the meet…

A Couple Shots from the 2016 Spring Meet Extravaganza

The 2016 Spring Meet Extravaganza was held last weekend in Wauseon and Deshler, Ohio. Wauseon was the highlight for Saturday and Deshler was the epicenter for the rest of the weekend, not to mention the lodging location of choice for many members of the group, myself included on Saturday night. Speaking of which, sleeping in the back of the car wasn’t quite as uncomfortable or unpleasant as I had expected. I just might have to do it again…

Anyway, between work and working on the house, I’ve managed to get a couple pictures edited and uploaded in the week or so since the meet.

Saturday started off cloudy and a little wet, but eventually the clouds moved east and the sun was in position for shooting westbound trains. After most of the group had left for Deshler, I was able to shoot a couple trains in Wauseon without having to worry as much about the “foreground clutter” issues I’d had earlier in the day.

Earlier shots…

I’d had a few issues with my shutter speed not being fast enough earlier on Saturday and several shots didn’t come out the way I’d hoped. I guess when you’re not able to get out more than once every couple months you get rusty and forget how to shoot in manual mode. Or the lighting conditions threw me off. Whatever it was, I wound up with a lot of subpar shots, even for me. So…how about a few shots from Deshler?

So sometime after I pulled into the park at Deshler, several trains showed up at the diamond, almost at the same time, but not quite. We had an eastbound with brand new International Harvester tractors on flatcars that went straight through the plant. As the eastbound was moving through the plant, an autorack train came from the north and went west, with CSX 4290 on the point.

While the 4290 was passing, I took the opportunity to get a shot of a couple of other fans reacting to its passage.

4290 got its train around the wye quicker than the eastbound managed to get through the plant, and by the time the eastbound had cleared, a northbound train was coming around the wye to head west as well.

These are the extent of the images from Saturday I’ve processed so far. I’ll try to post more when I get more shots processed. All in all, it was quite a weekend, a lot of fun and a much needed break. Plus it was great to see and catch up with friends.

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