More Saturday Trains

Yep. I’m fresh out of clever titles. Pretty soon I’ll be resorting to just using the day for my post titles. It should make hyperlinking a little easier.

Today’s total train count was 3, but only two of the power sets were unique.

First up was 501 with CP 8646 and BNSF 4723. You may have heard of Microsoft’s Train Simulator computer program. It’s quite dated now, but it was one of the first modern, semi-realistic drive-a-train computer simulations available. The American freight route in the program featured BNSF 4723 and the real locomotive has a little sticker acknowledging this fact.

Before 501 was stopped on the American side of the border, the Sarnia Yardmaster (I think) realized the 4723 was supposed to be part of something else, later tonight in Sarnia, and requested the crew bring the second unit back along with some loaded autoracks that had been set out on the Port Huron side by an earlier train.

Before the 4723 could return (as L390), a U720 showed up and ran straight through the yard into the tunnel. This was the first of two BNSF lead trains I would see today. The second and third units were CN 8843 and CN 2521. The train mostly consisted of ADMX and UTLX tank cars, and was a run through from the BNSF, as evidenced by the BNSF buffer cars on either end of the train.

Finally, after U720 cleared the tunnel, L390 got the light to return to Sarnia.


After reviewing yesterday’s post a couple times, I decided to post another shot of the 8101. The angle of the sun I’ve been shooting in this weekend has been rather tough for getting a good look at the power on the trains and I was able to get a few better lit photos than the one I posted last night. Here’s a going away shot of the 8101. It was really cool to see it and to see it leading.
CN 8101 r1


With tomorrow being Easter, I don’t believe I’ll have the opportunity to get trackside, so if I’m able to post tomorrow night, it’ll be something from the archives.

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2 thoughts on “More Saturday Trains”

  1. Chuck S.

    Charles, On your website you stated that you had photos of covered hoppers with WHTX reporting marks. Is it possible for you to either post them or send me a photo or two via email. The reason for this request is strictly model railroading purposes. These cars are never in Chicago (where I live) and I’d like to model a few. I have two cars in HO scale but would like to add the FRA mandated reflective stripes to them. Hopefully your photos of them can help me. Thanks… Chuck S.

    1. greatlakesrailfan

      Chuck, I have three images, but they’re backlit, and overexposed. They were also taken in 2006 and do not appear to have reflective stripes.

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