Railfans Weekend

This past weekend was Railfans Weekend at Genessee County’s Crossroads Village/Huckleberry Railroad. This was the third year I was able to be part of the Franklin Range Division N scale layout group at Railfans Weekend. For the third year in a row, I didn’t see a single train all weekend, outside of a couple from the road driving to/from the event.

One of the things I think I should probably do more of, but never want to take the time to do is photograph equipment running on the layout. I’d been wanting to get decent photos of several of my N scale vehicle models and a few other things got in the way.

First was some ugly NS coal train. 😉

Next was this pusher on a 60 car coal train. I jokingly mentioned to the owner of the train that the next photo would be of cars flying everywhere just down the track, but the pusher seemed to work pretty well. Mind you, this train was running on analog DC, not DCC.

This CP locomotive is supposedly 1 of just 100 models of this locomotive, released by PWRS. Unfortunately, not only has this particular model been handled, it’s also been run…

One of the other guys in the group has been collecting equipment from Michigan railroads. Here are a couple parting shots of some of the equipment he was running over the weekend.


Despite not getting much in the way of photos of real trains all weekend, I would gauge the weekend a resounding success. It was a refreshing change to see the FRD group again and run trains across the FRD. My personal “layout” is quite limited and doesn’t allow much more than test running of equipment. It was really, really enjoyable to be able to run trains at least 15 to 2o feet long, and possibly even longer than that. Unfortunately, some of my cars also managed to fall off the layout (to the floor), and with some other equipment mishaps, I have a fair amount of repair work to do as well, but no equipment was bounced off the wall and all in all, I think the repairs I need to make are a small price to pay for a full weekend of fun and trains.

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