Some Summer Trains

Catching up on a few recent photos.

First is this shot of L501 at west Emmett, with a solid set of BNSF power. Date on the photo is July 26. I vaguely recall catching this train, but as I recall, I gave up on a 394 heading into the tunnel and possibly a 395 coming out of the tunnel to get the BNSF power. Aside from the lighting, some jerk parked their car right in the middle of the shot.
BNSF 9473 West

Next is this shot of a southbound on the Mt. Clemens Sub from yesterday. CN 2595 was leading CN 5546. All I know is that the train didn’t have any stops before Flat Rock. I observed several autoracks, but no loaded frame flats. I thought this was M385, but can’t say for sure.
CN 2595 South

Finally, this is today’s M348, with a unique set of motive power. NS 1035 and 2624. The entire train is visible in this shot. There was more NS power in town today, although I didn’t get much more than a glimpse of the trailing Norfolk Southern unit on today’s L501, as I drove over the bridge at the west end of the yard. In addition to the all black power, the empty frame flats on 348 were neat to see too.
NS 1035 East-M348-10

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