Another Trip into the Past, Part 2

Continuing from the last post, photos from past trips around Indiana.

This first photo is more recent than some in this series of posts, with a pair of Norfolk Southern diesels leading a southbound train toward Fort Wayne, Indiana, on NS’ ex-Wabash between Detroit and St. Louis.
NS 9353

Going a bit further back is this eastbound freight train on the Chicago Line, with a GP60 leading something a bit larger. This photo dates to early 2008, and I believe was taken somewhere between New Carlisle and LaPorte.
NS 4617

A second shot from 2008, PRR 5339, a one-time Conrail GP38-2, leads a westbound on the outskirts of Edgerton, Ohio. 5339’s Conrail heritage is starting to show through it’s NS black paint.
PRR 5339

Moving on, NS 2740 leads a three unit set of NS power across CSX’s B&O line at Fostoria, Ohio, on a sunny Saturday, in early May 2011.
NS 2740

Concluding this trip down memory lane, is NS 5650 as the sole unit on an eastbound freight in eastern Ohio, early on a fall Sunday morning. September 30, 2012.
NS 5650

I’ll wrap up this post with one more picture, this one a bit more local and the most recent of the bunch. I snapped this photo of a stop sign from the Port Huron & Detroit Railroad Historical Society’s property in Port Huron Township, Michigan. The stop sign “protects” a private crossing on the east side of the wye that surrounds the PH&D’s office and roundhouse buildings. In the background you can see the all of the signals for eastbound traffic on the east end of CN’s Port Huron yard, and a very good reason all of the signals are red.

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