Another 1225 Vid

Two weeks in the making, it’s another PM 1225 video! And a couple of follow up comments.

First, the video, shot somewhere south of Alma, Michigan, on the northbound run…

A note on the 1225 videos- the trip was produced by Railyard Productions, a reminder of which was posted on each of the videos I uploaded to Youtube. Unfortunately, most of my experience with the various railfan “production” groups has been bickering between groups on one of the Michigan-based railfan internet forums, not any real-world experience or discussion with most of those running these organizations. As far as I can tell, Railyard Productions’ trip was successful, but it IS the internet, and I really haven’t seen anything claiming otherwise.

For more information about Railyard Productions, visit their website, .

Moving on, it’s amazing how much conditions can change in just a few weeks. For instance, in this March 8th shot of L501, there was still plenty of snow on the ground. Today, despite the wind, most of the snow has disappeared, including the dusting we got between Thursday and Friday this week. The railfan take from today (which will hopefully be posted later this week) will show little to no remaining snow on the ground. It won’t be long until the grass is green again, and you won’t need a heavy coat and/or long underwear just to watch a train roll by without retreating to a warm vehicle or other shelter to stay warm…

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