Trains, Work Days and the Port Huron Train Show

It’s been a long time coming, so without further word of explanation for the two week lull between posts, here’s the second shot I’ve managed to process thus far from the trip on which the two videos below were shot. CN’s M385 (and probably some other numbers) crosses Port Huron’s 16th Street with a solid set of various CN units. The power set was slightly mixed up from it’s eastbound journey the day before when the 2456 was leading the 2435 and the 5603 was third in the power set, although the power appears to have made a trip around the ballon track in Sarnia and a little bit of editing as the 5603 is now leading the train.

I’ve not been able to find many other shots in the day’s work that I felt were worth processing, although there may be a gem or two in the rough that’ll get shined up some later on. Just not this week.

Moving on, with the onset of spring, Saturday work sessions at the Port Huron & Detroit Railroad Historical Society’s “campus” have resumed, and things are getting accomplished. If you’ve visited the Society’s property in the past but not lately, consider a visit in the coming weeks to check out the progress being made. If you have a free Saturday or two, stop by between 10am and 2pm and be part of the solution. A pair of work gloves and work clothing is recommended, but there’s plenty to do even if general construction isn’t really your thing.

The past two Saturdays I had the opportunity to spend at the “campus” helping to move part of the Society’s collection of railroad paper from it’s semi-organized storage area into a more protected, medium-term storage area. In that time, we had several trains each day pass by the building, all on the CN side of the yard. I noted two particularly interesting items (well, interesting to me at least). First, there were quite a few zebra striped engines in the power consists, something that at least added some variety to what was rolling by the building, and Second, there were quite a few of the 2nd hand locomtives CN picked up a few years back in the consists.

Sunday I took advantage of the beautiful weather and was able to catch several trains rolling past Port Huron’s Amtrak platforms. Unfortunately, I decided to take my old video camera (uses MiniDV tapes), without making sure I really had some way to transfer the video to a working computer. The camera is a couple years old (come to think of it, it might be 10 years old already…) and uses Firewire to transfer between the camera and the computer. Unfortunately, the current computer(s) I use don’t have Firewire ports. The only computer I have that has a Firewire port is a laptop with a bad power assembly, which was cheaper to replace than it was to repair. I’ve yet to open it up to see if I can repair it enough to use its Firewire port. I mention this because I put a little more effort into capturing video than taking decent photos I could reasonably expect to process for sharing here. As a result, I’ve only managed to process photos of half of the trains I caught on Sunday.

Of the four trains I caught Sunday, three had zebra striped units, but only one was leading. M385 of April 12, 2015 had zebra striped 2424 leading CN 2127 approaching the first at grade crossing of road and rail west of the western portal of the St. Clair River Tunnel in Port Huron, MI.

I strongly considered chasing this train a few miles out of town, hoping to get another shot of the zebra striped leader, but turned around when I heard L501 contact US Customs for a scan before they too came across the border. When 501 finally emerged from the tunnel, I was quite excited that I’d returned instead of chasing the 2424. Two BNSF units and two CN units may not seem all that exciting, but between the H2 SD70 leader and the ex-UP CN acquisition third in the consist, the consist was a welcome change.

Apologies for the lack of updates lately. Life hasn’t been all that busy, but it has been just exhausing enough that editing and posting photos hasn’t been all that attractive lately. In addition, most of my modeling activities have taken a backseat to just about everything else, not such a good thing for me in the month of April. The 31st(?) Annual Huron Modelers Train Show and Swap Shop will be April 26th at the McMorran Place Junior Arena, in downtown Port Huron. I don’t recall it ever having been anywhere else, although the show is slightly older than I am (by a matter of days), and I doubt I had the opportunity to attend until I was 5 years old or so…

Anyway, considering our local Ntrak club assembles an Ntrak layout just once a year at the Huron Modelers’ show, I really need to be checking my modules over in preparation for the show sometime soon, and figuring how I’ll be getting them to/from the show. I know my car’s too small for all 3, although I’m not sure I’ll need to take all 3. I’ve given a lot more thought to transporting the modules to the show than I have to just about any other aspect of this event, so far.

So, in summary, Work Days at the PH&D RRHS have started again, 3 train photos and the train show at Port Huron is April 26th, starting at 10am at McMorran Place. Questions, comments, comment spam, complaints, criticism, hate filled comments and anything else you want to throw my way can be submitted at the bottom of this post (if you’re reading this on the front page of the website, click on the “Trains, Work Days and the Port Huron Train Show” title above to view just the post page, you’ll see the comment box at the bottom).

Until next time…

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