Railfan Weekend in Indiana- Part 3

..and now, the videos you’ve been waiting for…

Or perhaps you haven’t been waiting for them because you already know they’re not that great, and they’ve been on Youtube for at least a couple weeks. But, because I promised to post them here, here they are…

First, a pair of orange Burlington Northern Santa Fe diesels pull a westbound unit tank train, as seen from an overpass west of Albion, Indiana.

Next, an eastbound CSX auto/autoparts train approaches the same overpass.

Unfortunately, the third video I shot from this location did not turn out the way I’d hoped, and did not meet my comparatively low standards for video uploads.

In case you’re wondering when I’ll be posting stuff from the area I actually live in again, keep an eye out. I believe this is the last of the Indiana stuff I’ll be posting, for the time being.

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